The taste of OOTOYA is traditional Japanese home-cooked food.

It is the taste of a Japanese mom’s cooking for her family, where much effort is put into preparing healthy and tasty meals.

OOTOYA follows the same philosophy. Dishes are carefully prepared after customers place their orders. Our insistence on consistent taste means we marinate and grill our meat to perfection, even if this takes a little more preparation time.

One small difference between OOTOYA and home-cooking is that our tofu is made in the shop using fresh ingredients.

OOTOYA’s goal has always been to provide healthy, high quality and tasty meals. Can you hear the sounds of cooking at the back of the shop? It is the same sounds made in a home kitchen

A set meal (Teishoku) comes with one main dish, rice, miso soup and pickles.

Ootoya’s main mission is to promote healthy eating through a well-balanced diet.

Thus our set meals are designed to provide daily nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, and other minerals which our bodies need. Delicious and healthy, our set menu can be enjoyed every day.