Teishoku: Traditional Japanese home-cooked food

A popular food in Japan, Teishoku is the basic of Traditional Japanese Home-cooked meal.
Teishoku is a standard for the Japanese eating experiences - it includes main dish, rice, miso soup and a small side dish.

This combination is usually well thought of - from ingredients used to cooking method. It is a meal packed with various nutritional values, prepared from fresh ingredients!

A Japanese Teishoku meal is definately a well-balanced, healthy, and nutritious meal - like a mum's home-cooked meal.

Teishoku as a widespread concept
Teishouke used to be traditional meals offered at zen temples but this set concept eventually spread throughout Japan and transformed into the convenient Teishoku that can be found at restaurants and cafeterias today.

Just like in Western culture, there is an etiquette for where each item in teishoku is placed. Most meal sets should be positioned in front of you with rice at your left side, soup at your right side, and the main item positioned to the back.

The Components of Teishoku

Main Dish
Common type includes Tonkatsu (pork cutlet), Yakizakana (grilled fish), and Tempura (deep-fried battered fish and vegetables).

Side Dish
One of the best things about Teishoku is the wide variety of side dishes that accompany it, allowing you to enjoy many different flavors and textures.
These include healthy salads like Hijiki Seaweed, Boiled Spinach, Steamed Vegetables, Home-made Tofu and more.

Miso Soup
Miso soup is another essential component for teishoku meals. It will almost always be included in a teishoku set, unless the main dish is already a soup. Made from dashi broth and miso soybean paste, miso soup can also include ingredients like tofu and wakame seaweed.

Rice/ Noodle
Short-grained white rice is the heart of Japanese food and central to any teishoku meal. It’s available in many different domestic varieties, with the most well-known being-known being koshihikari.
Or noodle dishes such as udon wheat noodles and soba buckwheat noodles, which can be served hot or cold!

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