Come in a group and FREE PARFAIT for you!


There is always dessert after your meal!


For this month as long as you come in a group and redeem this coupon at Ootoya. YOU will get a FREE PARFAIT! Plus you can choose either Matcha or Gateau Chocolate Parfait.

For people who have not eaten at Ootoya before want to know more about them? Read on!


Do you remember who cooked your first meal?


Was it your mum? Do you miss the meal she make?

For someone who eat out for all 3 meals this is the food I crave for. As you know convenient is what's important nowadays but when you want something convenient and healthy where can you find it? Hawker or Kopitiam? However, do your mum really cook fish ball noodle at home? I guess not. It's always be 1 meat, 1 vegetable and 1 soup am I right?

That's why you should totally try out Ootoya Teishoku cause it's a well-balance meal for you even when you eat out!

What's more! Ootoya is widely known as the restaurant which serves meal like “mother’s homemade food”.

In Ootoya, the meal served is a well-balanced diet that we are supposed to eat every single day!

Remember our interview about Ootoya previously? This month, the J Passport Team went for a meal at Ootoya Japanese Dining!

Ootoya offers a range of menu ranging from Tonkotsu to Healthy Soups. There is also an option for Kid's Meal when dining in Ootoya! *wink wink* You can bring your kid down for if you are lazy to cook. (ノ^_^)ノ

*Click image to view full menu


Recommendations: Cod Fish Soup ($16.50)Tori Kurozu ($18.50), Hokke Set ($22.80) and Katsutoji Set ($23.00)

Tori Kurozu (set $18.50 | ala-carte $13.50)

Love their home-style Japanese meals, especially the Black vinegar chicken. The black vinegar chicken was tangy and appetizing, yet not too sweet for the palate. The ‘deep fry’ chicken was crispy and with the mix of vegetables well coated with their sweet and sour vinegar sauce. Highly recommend to new mums during confinement! - J

Cod Fish Soup

(set $16.50 | ala-carte $11.50)

With the natural sweetness from the vegetables (mainly carrots and cabbage), this dish complements the taste of the fried cod fish within the soup. - M


Suitable for those who prefer a light taste to your food.

Katsutoji Set

($23.00 | ala-carte $18.00)

Crispy Breaded Pork Loin Cutlet in Steamy Hot Pot (Mellow Soy sauce)

Hokke Set

($22.80 | ala-carte $17.80)

Check out what Parfait they provide!


Love chocolate? Then you will enjoy this Gateau Chocolate Parfait!

Gateau Chocolate Parfait $8.50


Rich and Creamy Gateau Chocolate with Chocolate Ice-cream and Chocolate Chips.

A fan of Matcha? Try out their Maccha Parfait!


Maccha Parfait $8.00


Creamy Matcha Ice-Cream and Matcha Pudding, Smooth Green Tea Jelly, Warabi mochi dipped in Matcha Powder. Topped with Red Bean paste.



Come in a group & receive FREE Parfait!


* Valid with group dine-in.

* Limited to one parfait per redemption.



• Bring 1 friend - FREE DESSERT!!!

• Bring 2 or more friends - FREE SET MEAL!!!

Bring your friend who is not an Ootoya member to Ootoya and have her sign up as one. Then both of you can enjoy FREE dessert bowl from Ootoya!


*Image for illustrative purposes only. Actual product might differ.

*Valid when the friend is not an Ootoya member and a newly register Ootoya member on the spot.

That is not all, if you bring 2 friends with you and have them registered as a new Ootoya member. You will be able to enjoy FREE set meal and your friends will get FREE ice cream!


*Image for illustrative purposes only. Actual product might differ.

*Valid when the friend is not an Ootoya member and a newly register Ootoya member on the spot.

Try out Teishoku at Ootoya now!

Collect Points & Enjoy Rewards with Ootoya too~

100pts - 15% OFF every Monday to Thursday
200pts - 30% OFF everyday

& 2X J Points every 10th of the month!
Not valid with current in-store discounts or promotions and coupons.

We are looking forward to seeing you more!

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Tel: (+65) 6636 1228

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See you at OOTOYA!